• “Working in the heart of the city with an international firm met all my expectations. I apprenticed under the graphic designer and assisted him with brochure creation, tweaking the website, and updating our social media presence. It was fun being part of a creative team. The people in the office were all the top of their fields. We got to hang out after work sometimes as well which was fun. It was hard work and long hours sometimes but at the end I came out with a great company on for resume and a bunch of new skills using the latest software and techniques.”

    - Thomas C.
    Fall 2018

Graphic Design

IGS partners with award-winning graphic designers around the world. In London, one of our students designed the Facebook landing page for a major corporation. In Paris, our student help modernize the company’s website. In Sydney, a client helped do brochure work. In Hawaii, a student designed social media platforms. We even did one placement in the U.S. where a student worked remotely from his home on design projects and communicated with the office daily through Skype.

Student success at design placements has always been high. The managers at these firms tend to know how to best use interns and have a long history of being productive.

Our students come to the internship with all knowledge levels and design ability. Part of our service is to match your ability to the right job duties. As such, we negotiate with the company to make sure they understand what you can do and what you hope to learn.

Our design internships have two different tracks.


We place you with a leading company whose sole mission is graphic design. They contract out to both large and small businesses to provide help create the face of their company.


We place you with a company in eco-tourism, marketing, social media, environmental conservation, or social services, and you are assigned to design, update, and market their existing online and print materials. If you have a passion or cause, we may be able to place you with an organization that promotes your world vision.

Track One has more pressure to perform as you are working alongside people who are at the top of their fields. Track two is a more relaxed setting as your skill level will be relied on by the organization and you will help consult on what needs to be done.

Job Duties

  1. Analyzing client needs
  2. Pay per click advertising
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Blog writing
  5. Graphic design