Being an entrepreneur is being your own boss, and taking full control of your time. But it also entails a considerable amount of time and effort.

Most established entrepreneurs started just like you. Some start-ups in sectors including technology, finance, and construction, started only with an innovative idea and a competitive spirit.

You are now in a perfect position to make your idea a reality.

The success of an entrepreneur is not just about the quality of the goods and services, but also about the connections of the CEO.

In this entrepreneurship internship, you as the CEO, will meet like-minded people and gain connections from all over the world.

Broaden your global working while learning about starting a business, and also enjoying in your dream destination!


Program Highlights:

  1. Work in the unit of choice – sales, operations, customer service, or experience being in all of them!
  2. Actively participate in meetings for company policies and innovative strategies. Make use of your fresh perspective and creative ideas for business development.
  3. Updating databases of human resource applicants, suppliers, and logistics.
  4. Work with finance department in daily treasury operations and compliance requirements.
  5. Coordinate with information technology team for content creation, search engine optimization white hat techniques, and web design.
  6. Create sales and marketing presentations and organize company special events.