Public Administration Internship

Appreciate the basic concepts of public administration, its underlying principles, its interrelated theories, and its development as a field of study.

Policies shape nations and it is only but proper that the younger generations study the practices and processes of global and regional development institutions to create a better style of governance.

Analyze the roles of the government and non-government institutions in the supranational administration, governance, and development.

Learn from public servants and policy makers that are trailblazers in their own fields.

Experience tours in your dream country (Australia, Hawaii, Spain, Mexico, and others).


Program Highlights:

  1. Understand the general structure of bureaucracy and do research work for facilities and centers of development.
  2. Assist the governors and mayors in their tasks and see for yourself the processes of policy-making, national-local relations, and other major problem areas.
  3. Work on personnel and financial systems, and assist in the day-to-day operations of public institutions.
  4. Have in-depth knowledge in tax administration, auditing, purchasing, and expenditure control.
  5. See the overlaps between political science and public administration and other fields like sociology and law. Work for justice departments and assist state and federal prosecutors in case studies.