Fair Trade Internship

Fair trade is an arrangement aiming to help producers in developing countries achieve effective trade relationships with developed countries. It promotes sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to small workers, producers, and manufacturers.

While a major topic in the field of economy, a lot of laymen still have no idea on what fair trade is. Hence, some interns are deployed to spread awareness on how fair trade operates.

Some of our interns can also work for government agencies regulating fair trade such as Fairtrade Ă–sterreich and World Fare Trade Organization.

We have partnered with different institutions all over the world for our passionate interns to have world-class experience and skills in their fields of interest.

Explore your host country and hang out with the locals.

Discover new trends in the economic market and discover how fair trade is pursued in other parts of the world.

Be an IGS intern and connect with our other alumni!


Program Highlights:

  1. Educate communities on the concept of fair trade and how they can effect positive local economic change. Discuss the importance of trade justice, fair prices, and fair wages.
  2. Meet executive officials and assist them in their works in government agencies relating to fair trade.
  3. Be a research intern, social media intern, marketing intern, human resource intern, or communications intern and hone your current skills and knowledge.
  4. Learn more about fair trade by attending seminars, discussions, and public policy consultations.
  5. Be the primary in-charge in overseeing projects in certain communities relating to fair trade and do the necessary calls, evaluation sheets, and reports to stakeholders.