Economic Development and Microfinance Internships

Help build a sustainable economic future for millions of people.

The arenas of Economics and Microfinance are both seen as authoritative tools in breaking the cycles of poverty around the globe. Microfinance offers a multitude of opportunities that suit a variety of interests – work for banking, policy-making, non-profit, or local government units.

Being an intern abroad will help you gain more understanding of the economic policies and trends in microfinance. Also, it would lead you to meeting new people and broadening your network internationally.

A work experience in these sectors will pave the way to the start of your awesome career and is a surefire way to land your dream job in the future.

Have a first-hand experience in economics and microfinance under the guidance of esteemed professionals and make your resume stand out (in a good way) from the others.


Program Highlights:

  1. Follow your passions and work in the path of your choice – work as financial and risk management analyst, product designer, accountant, or IT manager.
  2. Draft policies that would create lasting positive impact to communities and nations in general.
  3. Work with NGOs and evaluate impacts of programs and create reports for all stakeholders.
  4. Be exposed to new fields that also have direct influence over economic development and microfinance such as communications, software development, and marketing.
  5. Assist in the set up of pilot micro-lending programs or spearhead educational discussions and community caravans.