Farmers’ Economic Empowerment Internship

Farmers are some of the most important professionals in the world. As the saying goes: “you can survive a day without lawyers or doctors, but you cannot without a farmer.”

While farmers serve the most vital roles in society, they are often neglected – not being prioritized in economic interventions and legislations.

In this internship, the Institute for Global Studies prepared placements for you on organizations that propel economic empowerment to our farmer-heroes. In this way, you will be a part of the local sustainable food movement.

Complete a rewarding internship in your country of choice – Philippines, Australia, USA, or Mexico, among many others.

Immerse yourself into interesting cultures, traditions, and customs in your host country.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work for community-driven farmers markets that support local economic development.
  2. Collaborate with the Finance Head in monitoring vendor sales, making financial projections, and general bookkeeping.
  3. Take your internship under political offices and draft policies for farmer’s empowerment.
  4. Work for organizations like Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening farmers markets across the U.S.
  5. Take active part on programs of the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP), geared towards transforming the existing agricultural system.
  6. Spearhead community drives that would assist farmers to loan, manage, and save money to boost their productivity.