“I learned so much during my time at the gallery. The owner assigned me to work the floor and share the history of the artists with possible buyers. I also helped her with event planning and getting things ready for an opening.”

- Jenna T.

Art Gallery

Paris, London, Atlanta, Sydney . . . IGS students have worked in some of the world’s premier art galleries. Typically, we work with small to mid-size galleries as they provide the best job duties for our students. In Sydney, our student worked with an artist who owned her own gallery. Her duties included reaching out to independent artists throughout the country in preparation for an exhibit. Once she collected the pieces, our student set them up in an exhibit hall facilitated the opening.

In Atlanta, our student assisted gallery owners by working with customers on the floor. She learned about each piece of art and shared the inspiration of the work with potential buyers.

Artists and gallery owners may not be the best at social media. Past interns have used their online skills to help boost the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter views of the artist or gallery.

Students who like behind the scenes work can help with the physical aspect of art preparation. This may include procuring frames, assembling backdrops, and other preparation for displaying new pieces.

Setting up and taking down the exhibit hall is an important part of working with a gallery. The next big thing is always around the corner and you can help the owner and staff share their passion with the buying public.

Job Duties

  1. Gallery setup
  2. Art interpretation
  3. Social media
  4. Marketing
  5. Event planning
  6. Public relations
  7. Store maintenance