• “Usually I take my photos in the field so this internship allowed me a chance to learn studio photography. They taught me discipline, tips with lighting, and how to photograph people in a fixed setting. They appreciated my knowledge of cameras and put me on timely projects. The staff works extremely hard and this was truly a professional internship.”

    - Max A.
    Student, Winter 2018
  • “Working at The Photography Studio in Sydney was a dream come true. They are true professionals from start to finish. Once I saw how much I could learn and the responsibilities they placed in me I asked to increase my hours and actually changed my flight so I could stay another month and a half. I got to work with award winning photographers and assisted on all aspects of their work.”

    - Sarah V.
    Student, Winter 2018

Photography Studio

Whether it is working at the top photography studio in Sydney or assisting a freelancer in Madrid, Spain, IGS has a long history of finding compelling placements for students. We partner with studios that handle top models, city government, orchestras, and other pillars of the community. And we work with freelancers who take our students into the field and teach them the fast-paced world of covering events.

Interning at a high-end photography studio exposes you to some of the finest professionals in the industry. Everyone takes pictures these days. But these are the true artists with a lens. In the morning you may assist with family portraits. In the afternoon, a professional basketball team may show up for a group photo. Every day is different.

One day you may set up the studio for a shoot. The next you may edit photographs and post them online for a client. Your skillset will determine the scope of what you are asked to do. If you are talented with a camera, you will have a chance to assist the photographer with some of the shoots.

The studios we work with specialize in creating portfolios for clients. Some are old-fashioned flip-the-page offerings that aspiring models show talent agents; others are of the electronic variety and serve as a personal page to showcase talent.

They have full marketing departments. You will assist with their social media specialist to generate interest for their services. Promoting the studio may include an email marketing campaign or calling local businesses. Helping in all aspects of the studio is key to this position.

If you prefer to work with an independent freelancer, this is a great way to see the city. You may head to a famous beach one day to shoot models. The next day you may attend an event at the convention center for a corporate client. Field work provides training in shooting under challenging circumstances where lighting may not be ideal, and your subjects are under time pressure. Freelance work is a bootcamp where you on the go and discover if your skills are up to the task.

Job Duties:

  1. Preparing studio
  2. Meet and greet
  3. Create portfolios
  4. Post to Instagram/ Facebook
  5. Marketing
  6. Taking photos
  7. Editing