Have a passion for writing, illustrating, or just about anything related to books?

The Institute for Global Studies has organized publishing internships in major cities all over the world and even in small communities, wherever you would want it – Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, among many others!

Publishing is a good vocation and offers a lot of career development opportunities for fresh graduates. However, most publishers now expect graduates to have some sort of “work experience”. With this, an internship abroad would be a stellar addition to your resume and would likely pave the way to starting your own publishing career.

As an intern, you may find yourself spending long hours editing novels and creating graphics, but hey! Your name can be a part of a book – something which can be your legacy!

Meet people with the same zeal and interests as you do. Create meaningful bonds with them as you travel your host country, try experiences, and learn about their wonderful heritage and cultures.


Program Highlights:

  1. Report to the Managing Editor and help with editing articles, scripts, and novels.
  2. Be guided by the Creative Director and create wonderful graphic designs and illustrations for the book covers and inside pages.
  3. Assist the Publisher in general business tasks, like scheduling appointments, organizing office files, and developing copies.
  4. Actively participate in meetings of the creative teams. Oversee the printing operations, too.
  5. Help in drafting contracts with authors, financial records, marketing, and sales.