Fashion Internship Programs

Be one of our most fashionable interns! Develop your skills and potentials as a future fashion designer!

You have a great eye for detail, a passion for business, and a competitive spirit. Your creativity is commendable and you express yourself through fashion!

With this internship, you will learn more about texture and qualities of cloths, drawing principles, and updated trends in the fashion industry.

You have the option to choose a country you would want to intern in – USA, Australia, Italy, Korea, France, and many other countries.

Make friends among your fellow interns and workmates, helping you broaden your international network.

Hang out with the locals and do weekend travels throughout your country of choice.


Program Highlights:

  1. Be assigned to large fashion houses or small design companies, and create designs to be pitched to the senior stylists and clients.
  2. Have the option to work for retail shops, which involves dealing with the public, to enhance your communications and public relations skills.
  3. Assist in the company day-to-day operations – merchandising, sales, sewing, sourcing of suppliers, monitoring reports of projects, and contributing to regular production meetings.
  4. Work directly with the marketing associates on the brand’s campaign, material for look book, press releases, and digital posts.
  5. Be in charge of styling for fashion shows and photoshoots by drafting designs and hiring photographers, models, hair and make-up artists, and venues.