• “Working at the Maritime Museum in London met all my hopes. It was big and impressive. I got to do research on 18th Century sailing ships which was cool. I also helped the docent set up exhibits and shared what I learned with visitors to the museum. London was a lot of fun and I would recommend this to other students”

    - Seth W.
    Student, Fall 2018

Cultural Museum

IGS has placed students in some of the world’s most compelling museums. Students have worked in Fiji on rare exhibits that showcase indigenous cultures. They have worked in major world hubs like Athens and Paris showcasing exhibits that range from 18th century art to maritime history. In London, one of our students assisted aboard an 18th century ship that converted into a museum.

Our museum placements tend to fall into two categories. Working on the floor or conducting research and marketing behind the scenes. Floor work includes assisting the docent in the setup and interpretation of current exhibits and galleries. This may include constructing backdrops and computer modeling. Once the exhibit is in place, you are asked to learn the history of the showcased items and share your knowledge with the visiting public.

Behind the scenes work may include conducting original research on life histories or local historical events. This may include online research and library visits. Likewise, you may be asked to conduct interviews in the community and record knowledge that is in danger of being lost forever.

Museum work is a great way to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. You will be among people who are eager to share their knowledge and who have an insider’s view that few tourists may be exposed to.

Job Duties:

  1. Set up exhibits
  2. Conduct online research
  3. Interpret for the public
  4. Interview local residents
  5. Write for the website
  6. Social media outreach