Winery Internship Programs

Love wine? Be in the winery field that hypes you up!

Wines are sophistication that comes from bottles.

The Institute for Global Studies recognize that winery is an art – from the careful selection of ingredients to how vintners have kept ancient traditions alive.

Develop the skills and practical knowledge necessary to excel in your studies and future career, or just to know more about your interest!

Learn from experienced vintners and wine professionals.

Connect with other IGS interns and expand your global network.

Enjoy a broad range of activities in your free time, from visiting renowned attractions to hanging out with the locals.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work for international entities that are globally-known for quality wine exports, and see their state-of-the-art wine-making machines.
  2. Work for smaller companies, to learn more about the more traditional processes. This is ideal if you want to start a winery of your own at a limited capital.
  3. Organize and spearhead wine tasting tours.
  4. Work for marketing campaign of wine companies, write for their websites, create database for importers and exporters, and connect with logistics companies.
  5. Assist with the processes of producing wine, such as harvesting at vineyards and operating of machinery.