• “The best part of working at the theater was being around people I had so much in common with. It was neat because everyday was a little different. I helped behind the scenes designing the set for the new production. I helped with the wardrobe department and did research to locate some props that we needed. And on opening night I worked the ticket booth and saw all the excited faces enter the theater. IGS really found the perfect place for me.”

    Matt D.
    Student, Fall 2018

Community Theater

IGS has worked with top theaters on Broadway; we have worked with community theaters near Waikiki Beach; we have sent students to New Zealand to assist on Shakespeare productions . . . to name a few. The theaters tend to be small to mid-size venues that offer up high responsibility job duties. Past interns have commented on the family atmosphere of the locations and the ease with which they met new people that they had things in common with.

Some of the theaters may be in session with on-going productions. Others may be working behind the scenes in preparation for the next big event. We partner with theaters that allow our students to move between departments. Marketing and social media work is one avenue that interns can help with. We also try to get them exposure to the production crew and set design so they can see how things come together.

Acting is not typically an option unless you make a longer commitment. If being on stage is something you hope for, we can try to negotiate some bit parts if possible.

Previous intern projects have assisted the technical director, constructing, painting, and striking sets, assisting in costume design, and organizing stage props. Interns immediately see their efforts as the production unfolds and actors take the stage.

Job Duties:

  1. Social media
  2. Marketing
  3. Set design
  4. Ticket office
  5. Construction
  6. Community outreach
  7. Online research