Community Health and Hygiene Education Internship

Work with all sectors of the community – parents, children, educational institutions, and local government – towards the attainment of improved health and hygiene education.

The Institute for Global Studies is proud to offer a rare internship opportunity that is specifically tackling a topic that is uncommon yet very essential – the relations of health, hygiene, and sanitation.

We, at IGS, recognize that members of the community are at risk to serious health hazards with the lack of adequate health and hygiene education.

This is excellent for students who are venturing into the fields of medicine, health sciences, community nutrition, nursing, public health, early childhood education, or sociology.

In your placement, you get to meet dedicated members of the teaching staff, the program heads of government interventions, and directors of educational institutions.

Expand your global network and tour your dream destination during your free times.

Spend time with the locals and get to know their cultures and traditions.


Program Highlights:

  1. Actively participate in meetings with local governments and community directors in planning programs and projects on community health and sanitary guidelines.
  2. Assist teachers of pre-school and grade school kids in their teaching loads. Incorporate hygiene lessons on the curriculum.
  3. Facilitate hygiene education orientations with children. Teach them the proper way of washing hands, brushing their teeth, taking a bath, and even menstrual hygiene for young women.
  4. Work with the community doctor and nurses to see common areas of concerns of the community. Do research for them and assist them in prescribing medications and diagnosis.
  5. Have one-on-one discussions with parents on how to make hygiene education a priority in their own homes.