Pharmacy Internship Programs

Be a part of major innovations in medication therapy.

With the increased demand for healthcare services, Pharmacists are now able to work in a wider array of practice set-ups and positions than ever before.

Start a rewarding career in your country of choice. Pharmacy placements are offered year-round, to countries like Italy, United Kingdom, and France, among others.

Personally oversee how the Pharmacy profession and policies operate in a foreign nation.


Program Highlights:

  1. Intern with a large organization in laboratories and research projects to improve pharmacogenomics and medication adherence.
  2. Work for education, networking, and direct access to pharmaceutical products and services.
  3. Have the choice to work in a small community pharmacy, entailing a lot of local engagement, which would enhance your people and language skills.
  4. Work in government or private hospitals and provide medication to patients, taking into consideration the doctor’s diagnosis and the patients’ diet, lifestyle, and other factors.
  5. Learn more about the emerging fields of Pharmacy like veterinary pharmacy, which crafts medication for animals; and nuclear pharmacy, which uses radioactive drugs to treat diseases like cancer.