Medical & Nursing Internship Programs

Be the best “Dr” and “RN” that you can be. Learn directly from doctors and nurses in renowned hospitals and clinics.

Choose the departments you want to rotate through — dermatology, surgical, pediatrics, emergency, among many others. We will gladly assist you with whichever specialty you want to focus on. This is the perfect time to experience each specialty and see what fits your interests and skills the most.

Experience first-hand knowledge on healthcare best practices in your country of choice.

Connect with like-minded individuals from different parts of the world while improving your professional skills.

Gain invaluable real-world experience through your internship abroad.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work with medical and nursing staff in hospitals, clinics, community centers, and school nursing headquarters to perform health assessments, run diagnostic tests, and prescribe medication.
  2. Shadow a physician, gain practical knowledge on your selected specialty, and provide health advice to long-term patients.
  3. Spearhead outreach programs in rural areas and assist in doing health checks with indigent members of the community.
  4. Learn how to do immediate but well-thought-of decisions and actions to prevent further injury and save lives.
  5. Interns can also opt to focus on research and academic track.