Public Health Internship

Public health internships permit students to apply theories and skills they learn in the university to a professional setting. With the current trend of diseases plaguing the world, public health professionals are now more in-demand than ever.

Be updated with the current strategies in public health by working in a variety of public health settings including community organizations, health departments, federal agencies, and university-based programs.

Explore your host country (Japan, USA, Italy, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Spain) via weekend excursions. Hang out with the locals, too, to learn more about their cultures and traditions.

Be the best health professional you can be. Build a better resume right now!


Program Highlights:

  1. Be guided by notable professional mentors and explore public health through seminars, workshops, and engagement in research projects.
  2. Shadow a community health specialist and be deployed in a local healthcare facility. Educate children proper hygiene and parents with proper prevention of diseases.
  3. Jumpstart your career in the research field and create data analysis and presentation to all stakeholders.
  4. Work with large companies and be actively involved in healthcare marketing and promotion.
  5. Monitor state and federal legislation regarding public health. Attend meetings and draft campaigns, minutes, and policies as needed.