Psychology Internship Programs

Help people using your innate interest in people.

Use scientific methods and knowledge about human mind to help businesses in human resources or in dealing with individual problems such as depression, stress, trauma or phobias.

Intern abroad in a country of your choice – England, France, Australia, Nepal, Pakistan, USA and more!

Hone the skills and practical knowledge necessary for your studies and future career.

Connect with other IGS interns and expand your global network.

Enjoy a broad range of activities during weekends, from visiting renowned attractions to hanging out with the locals.


Program Highlights:

  1. Work for businesses in their human resources needs.
  2. Intern under the guidance of a doctor in hospital setting or private practice assisting patients struggling with stress, anxiety, mental difficulties, and more.
  3. Be a research intern for laboratories and academic professionals.
  4. Be assigned in school settings and be a counseling psychologist/guidance counselor to students and staff alike.
  5. Learn more about the trending fields of Correctional Facility Psychology, Child Development Psychology, and Forensic Science Psychology.