Occupational Therapy Internship

See occupational therapy mechanisms and strategies employed in other parts of the world. Get first-hand experience in your country of choice – Italy, Canada, India, Malaysia, and many more!

Be exposed to practical knowledge and skills that would guide you in pursuing a career in the occupational therapy sector.

Empathize with patients and help in their rehabilitation. Expand your clinical skillset and have real-world application of your classroom lessons.

In the Institute for Global Studies, your health and safety are our priority, so don’t you worry on health and travel restrictions imposed. We will provide you with a safe and rewarding journey!

Learn more about the career you opt to venture in. Build a more professional network right now!


Program Highlights:

  1. Be paired with experienced clinicians as supervisors and learn new methods of therapy from them.
  2. Be deployed in children’s hospitals and work with kids with special needs.
    proper hygiene and parents with proper prevention of diseases.
  3. Work for special education programs in schools. Experience staff meetings and discussion groups.
  4. Deal with adults with disabilities in care facilities, and take care of senior citizens in homes for the aged.
  5. Shadow a local licensed professional and provide research work when necessary.