Dentistry Internship

The field of dentistry offers many opportunities as it is a rapidly-evolving profession.

More than the satisfaction of seeing the “before and after” photos of clients, dentists are largely affecting lives by improving the patient’s comfort and self-confidence.

Further, dentists are also some of the well-paid professionals, either as company employees or engaged in private practice. 

Dentistry internships are offered in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, and other major cities in the world.

Even if you are a graduate of dentistry or just someone who is still exploring if dentistry is for you, this will be a great addition to your resume.


Program Highlights:

  1. Bring smiles to people of all ages! Be our next dentistry intern.
  2. Assist doctors during examinations and treatments by utilizing x-rays and computer-generated imaging.
  3. Sharpen your social skills and verbal communication by dealing with a variety of clients in your dream country.
  4. Personally scrutinize patients’ teeth and gums to diagnose oral health issues.
  5. Have first-hand experience in dental treatments including routine cleanings, extractions, dental fillings, veneers, and teeth whitening.
  6. Work on schools and university settings. Educate students on good oral hygiene practices.