Bonding at Bondi Beach by Natasha S.

Bondi is the most incredible place. The sand is gorgeous and the water is SO blue, it feels like paradise. I can’t believe it’s even real . . . and public!

I headed over to this magical land a few days ago to see what all the hype was about, and oh did I find out. I took a train and then a bus to get there. The commute was no longer than 30 minutes. In that short amount of time I was transported from an urban center filled with skyscrapers to an adorable beach town filled with little boutiques and houses.

It was a Saturday, so naturally Bondi was packed. Hundreds of people from all over the world were lying on the beach; shopping at some of the amazing boutiques; dining at beachside restaurants; or were in the water surfing and swimming. Although there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel too crowded at all. The beach is big enough and nice enough that everyone can enjoy it, even in relatively close proximity.

I walked straight down to the beach, picked a spot, and spread out my towel. I must’ve stayed there for at least three hours, just relaxing (and tanning of course). I was surprised to find out that the entire area had free wifi, even all the way down the beach! – so I could freely stream my music without worrying about international data fees. It was spectacular.

After I felt sufficiently cooked by the sun, I went up to the street and checked out some of the shops in the area. Then it was time for me to grab some lunch so I decided to check out a place that my friend from Sydney recommended. It was called Cali Press: although it was a bit pricey, it was absolutely delicious. I ordered an avocado toast (which is a wildly popular dish in Australia) and the prettiest, most delicious smoothie of all time. Afterwards, I headed straight back to the beach. I couldn’t get enough.

Bondi is really a unique place. Even though it’s a bit touristy, that just adds to the atmosphere and charm so much more. It’s truly like nothing I have ever experienced before.

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